Mar 12, 2012

Ridiculously Long Flavor List

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Almond Joy ~ Decadent chocolate-almond cake filled with chocolate almond fudge & coconut filling.
Ambrosia ~ Pineapple cake baked with cherries, coconut flakes, and toasted pecans, then filled with orange mousse.
Andes Mint ~ Rich chocolate cake with creme de menthe over milk chocolate.
Banana Blueberry ~ Moist banana cake loaded with fresh blueberries, then layered with creamy banana truffle and blueberry fruit puree.
Bananarama ~ Banana chocolate chip cake layered with a thin spread of milk chocolate and banana cream filling.
Banana Split ~ Fresh banana cake is baked with a strawberry swirl, then layered with chocolate cream and sliced bananas.
Buttermilk Spice ~ Layered with vanilla mousse.
Chai Latte ~ Chai cake is an enticing treat with creamy white-chocolate truffle filling.
Chocolate Decadence  ~ Rich chocolate-chocolate-chip cake layered with chocolate fudge & chocolate mousse. Slice, eat, fall into chocolate-induced coma...
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ~ Rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate truffle and raspberry fruit puree.
Cinnamon Roll ~ A wonderfully rich cream cheese cake swirled with cinnamon sugar and layered with a sweet cream cheese filling.
Coconut Chocolate Chip ~ Coconut cake baked with mini-morsels is layered with chocolate fudge.
Coconut Cloud ~ Coconut cake filled with coconut cream.
Cookies & Cream ~ Rich vanilla Oreo cake filled with an Oreo cookie filling.
Cranberry Orange ~ Orange cake baked with cranberries and white-chocolate-chips, layered with a sweet cream cheese and cranberry filling.
Dulce de Leche ~ Sweet milk and caramel cake is swirled with caramel, then layered with a creamy caramel filling.
Elvis ~ Banana cake and peanut butter cake come together with peanut butter mousse and sliced bananas.
French Toast ~ Maple cake with a cinnamon swirl and white chocolate truffle.
Fuzzy Navel ~ Peach cake is layered with orange cake. Filled with peach fruit filling.
Italian Cream Cake ~ Velvety coconut cream cake baked with toasted pecans and coconut flakes, accompanied by a whipped cheesecake filling.
Key Lime ~ Key Lime cake with Bavarian cream filling.
Lemon Kiss ~ Lemon cake filled with white chocolate truffle and raspberry fruit filling.
Lime and Coconut ~ A wonderful combination of lime and coconut cake is filled with lime curd and coconut truffle.
Mango Coconut ~ The tropics of Thailand inspired this tropical delight of mango cake with coconut filling.
Mudslide ~ Kahlua-Irish Cream cake with a mudslide truffle filling.
Neapolitan ~ Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cakes are swirled together in this favorite flavor combo. Filled with chocolate and strawberry mousse.
Orange Dreamsicle ~ Baked with orange sherbet, it tastes just like the ice-cream bar! Filled with vanilla mousse. (This is one of my favorites).
Peanut Butter Fudge ~ Peanut butter cake is swirled with chocolate cake, then layered with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup filling.
Peanut Butter Lover's ~ Peanut butter cake with a silky peanut butter mousse filling.
Pineapple Banana ~ Crushed pineapple and bananas comprise this tropical delight. Filled with banana cream.
Pineapple Cherry Popsicle ~ Pineapple cake is swirled with cherry cake, and layered with pineapple mousse.
Pink Champagne ~ Filled with Bavarian cream.
Praline Pecan ~ Toasted buttery pecans and toffee pieces speckle moist yellow cake. Filled with white-chocolate truffle that is loaded with more toffee pieces.
Princess White ~ Divine white cake with a touch of almond and lemon, layered with white chocolate truffle and raspberry puree. One of my most popular flavors!
Pumpkin Roll ~ Eh, well, it's not a roll, but it does have that sensational moistness and rich cream-cheese filling!
Red Velvet ~ The classic is layered with a white-chocolate cheesecake filling.
Root Beer Float ~ Root beer cake filled with vanilla mousse. Another favorite of mine!
S'mores ~ Sweet graham cake filled with marshmallow studded milk chocolate fudge filling.
Sour Watermelon ~ Dare you to try it! A watermelon cake with that pucker-punch of the sour candies.
Spumoni ~ Pistachio, Cherry, and chocolate cakes create this favorite Italian treat, layered with cherry-chocolate-chip filling.
Strawbana ~ Individual layers of strawberry and banana cakes are layered with banana cream and strawberry fruit filling.
Strawberry fields ~ Strawberry cake layered with sliced strawberries and strawberry fruit filling.
Strawberry Lemonade ~ Lemon cake is a perfect match for strawberry cake, swirled together, then filled with strawberry mousse and lemon curd.
Tiramisu ~ Kahlua-espresso infused butter cake is layered with marscarpone-Kahlua filling over a spread of chocolate ganache.
Tropic Breeze ~ Pineapple, banana, coconut cake filled with pineapple mousse.
Tuxedo ~ Layers of white and chocolate cakes are perfected suited with layers of white-chocolate truffle and fudge filling.
Valencia ~ Orange cake and chocolate cake in alternating layers, with a spread of milk chocolate topped with a yummy orange truffle filling between them. My personal favorite!

While this list is long, it is certainly not limited! If you did not find what you were looking for, I can make it. (Bacon anyone?).